Monday, September 15, 2008


Yesterday a friend came over and we played through some duets. I played double bass and she played cello. I thought we sounded pretty good, but I need to find some material written for double bass and cello, instead of music written for two celli like we had. Or I may rent a cello, because the music we were playing wasn't half bad.

We both joked about 'making the cat cry,' both being so out of practice, but I was pleased that we got further along than we anticipated. We're going to work on the pieces we picked out and then find some other pieces, too. I may even write some stuff, if I'm feeling really ambitious. Can't remember the last time I've played just for fun, so I'm looking forward to the next session, whenever that is.

The only downer was this stupid cough I have, along with the fact that whatever it is I've got is moving up into my head. Sigh. Well, I've got a doctor's appointment this week, so hopefully he'll give me something that will make this go away. It's been a little more than two weeks now.

Still really early in the semester, so I'm not sure how classes are going. I'm learning software in one class, and that is the class in which I am a bit of a problem child. I hope that will change once I'm well.


fairyhedgehog said...

It sounds great to be playing for fun. I do hope the doctor sorts you out so you can enjoy life a bit more than you are at the moment.

Robin S. said...

Hey honey,

Don't let them pass off on this cold thing. It could be bronchitis. It could be strep. There could be a secondary bacterial infection.

Insist they check, please - I'm not an antibiotic freakazoid or anything - but still, now people are anti anti-b's so much that they don't give them to you when you actually need them. Paca went through this, by the way. So please be careful and don't let them downplay your illness, OK?

freddie said...

Doctor appointment is tomorrow. Can't come soon enough. I feel like I'm ready to cough up a lung.

What's a secondary bacterial infection? I'm not running a fever. Just achy and tired now, most of the time, along with the coughing. Sometimes it travels up into my head and I sneeze, too. Over-the-counter medications work a bit, but not much. At any rate, I'm off to my doctor tomorrow, and I hope he gives me something that works and is actually covered by my insurance. Keep your fingers crossed for me!