About Me

Writer/Artist in Chicago proper. Uptown/Ravenswood area. 

I love making new friends and I'm always on the lookout for collaborators. Currently I'm working on several short stories and a novel, and adapting a short story to a short film as well as a comic book. 


I love to read - though I confess my reading practices are wholly disorganized. This year my goal is to read 70 books, though I'm behind (so far I'm at 42 or 43, I think). 


Faves include The Lord of the Rings, The Gladiator, Beautiful Mind, Erin Brokovich, Watership Down, and The Eclipse (not the Twilight one - a little independent starring Ciarán Hinds).


Yoga practitioner. Thinking about joining a food co-op. May change banks. Mostly happily single, though I'm open to dating and the possibility of a relationship. 

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