Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miniscule, Not Very Detailed Update

Made it into L.A. on Saturday. Drive was fun and went well. Pics coming soon!

Meanwhile, we've hit the ground running with our classes and our internships.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ooh ooh ooh - almost forgot

I don't really believe books should be free, but I found this AWESOME site with FREE audiobooks. Mostly it's classics and nonfiction, but I found things I've been wanting to read that I just haven't had time for. (Yes, I really do want to read all six volumes of THE HISTORY OF THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE.) All of the books appear to be in the public domain.

Because it's all done on a volunteer basis, some of the books are not as successful as others. (RAT CATCHER sounds like it's read in an electronic voice, with the reader joining sentences together and putting inflections in all the wrong places.) Pay attention to the starred books - those are usually keepers. I've downloaded more than I should, really.

The best thing about the site, though, is how easy it is to download the mp3 files. All you have to do is click on the book of your choice and then the link for the zip file and voila! you have your audiobook. (Hint: Dickens's OUR MUTUAL FRIEND is read by a wonderful reader.) For someone who can't afford audiobooks and has a ton of classics to read, this is a godsend.

This makes my trip that much more exciting!

Me and My Big Move and Even Bigger Opinions

OMG I have spent SO much money preparing for this move. But I needed pretty much everything: a car, new business-y clothes, a new GPS for those "L.A. is one big suburb or a state of mind" directions, a Blackberry so I can read captions during phone calls especially in noisy environments, software updates, and luggage. I've scrimped as much as possible, but I'm still running low enough on funds that I'm getting a little worried that I'll cut into my reserves set aside for the apartment, which I may have to furnish.

The thesis is coming along, but slooooower than I'd like. But I think I'm getting the right tone and sentiment for it. So that's good.

Meanwhile I'm pretty pissed off about this oil spill thing. I have to tell myself BP has gotta be doing everything it can to stop the leak and contain the damage, but the news gets worse every day. Not to mention, one of the execs will say something unbelievably clueless like, "I want my life back." ???? Or President Obama will saying he's not spoken to Tony Hayward. What? Why??? You gotta do that, sir. Just MHO.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update II

Bevie's family contacted Fairyhedgehog and confirmed they received the money, so that's a weight off my shoulders. Thanks again to everyone who donated.

Am mostly moved in to my folks for the next three weeks. Going to be busy with my thesis. I've bought a car from a friend for cheap, alleviating some worry about buying a new car and keeping up the payments. I also have a new office chair, which is proving to be much better for my back and less fatiguing than the wooden chair I used for two years in school.

Okay. Thesis time.