Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Me and My Big Move and Even Bigger Opinions

OMG I have spent SO much money preparing for this move. But I needed pretty much everything: a car, new business-y clothes, a new GPS for those "L.A. is one big suburb or a state of mind" directions, a Blackberry so I can read captions during phone calls especially in noisy environments, software updates, and luggage. I've scrimped as much as possible, but I'm still running low enough on funds that I'm getting a little worried that I'll cut into my reserves set aside for the apartment, which I may have to furnish.

The thesis is coming along, but slooooower than I'd like. But I think I'm getting the right tone and sentiment for it. So that's good.

Meanwhile I'm pretty pissed off about this oil spill thing. I have to tell myself BP has gotta be doing everything it can to stop the leak and contain the damage, but the news gets worse every day. Not to mention, one of the execs will say something unbelievably clueless like, "I want my life back." ???? Or President Obama will saying he's not spoken to Tony Hayward. What? Why??? You gotta do that, sir. Just MHO.


Old Kitty said...

The BP scandal is a total mess! The more dithering happening at the very top can't be good! Grrr! And it's so so sad for all those directly affected, human and animal.

Anyway!! Good luck with your move!! I hope hope hope that you wouldn't have to use your reserves - I hope the budget holds! GOOD LUCK again!

Your thesis sounds like it's progressing in the right direction. Slowly but VERY very surely! Steady does it!

:-)Take care

fairyhedgehog said...

So much stress!

Does the Blackberry caption phone calls? How on earth does that work? It sounds like a great idea.

Do you get any chances to relax, only it sounds so stressful at the moment and world news never seems to help.

Thinking of you.

stacy said...

It's coming along, Kitty! Too slowly, though I'm not in danger of blowing any deadlines yet.

Fairy, there's a free caption service provided by our FCC that works with Blackberries. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with iPhones yet, so far as I can tell; otherwise I'd get that instead.

Thanks to you both for your encouragement!

fairyhedgehog said...

That's so cool! I wish they had that over here.

KarenG said...

"I want my life back"?? Holy Crap you gotta be kidding! good luck with your move! Hope all goes well and you love it.

KarenG said...

"I want my life back"?? Holy Crap you gotta be kidding! good luck with your move! Hope all goes well and you love it.

Robin S. said...

Looking forward to hearing about your California Days!

Obama has to be careful, by the way, because BP was one of his largest campaign backers. And after all, what do you think they paid for?!

stacy said...

Yeah! Trip starts in two days.

I think Obama would get fried in the press if he took contributions from BP now . . .

Sarah Laurenson said...

We've got a garage full of stuff to get rid of - including some furniture. Let's chat!