Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miniscule, Not Very Detailed Update

Made it into L.A. on Saturday. Drive was fun and went well. Pics coming soon!

Meanwhile, we've hit the ground running with our classes and our internships.


fairyhedgehog said...

Oh, wow! Straight in then. I hope it goes well.

I'll look forward to seeing the pictures.

Old Kitty said...

You're in the city of angels!! Wow. Can't wait for the pics!

Take care

Sarah Laurenson said...

You're here? Awesome!

Drop me a line and we'll meet up soonish. A little under the weather right now but I'm almost healthy.

Whirlochre said...

Whoopsome Doopsome.

Robin S. said...

Oh, Stace - that's so cool that you and Sarah can meet up!!

Lookin forward to the pics, girl.

stacy said...

Thanks, all! I feel so out of touch with what's going on with my blogger friends.

Fairy, hope you're well!

Kitty, I hope the pics will be up soon! I admire your ability to post pics of Charlie every day.

Sarah, let's do meet up! I'm pretty swamped through July, but right at the end, I'll have everything wrapped up. I should be available in early August. I'm still looking for a place, so if you know anyone who's looking for a sublet or a tenant, let me know. I'll drop you a line toward the end of the month. Hopefully that will give you enough time to recover.

Robin, where ya been??? You're hardly around anymore, you editin' writin' woman! Hope you're doing well; you sound busy!

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm doing OK at the moment, thanks.

I envy you and Sarah meeting up and I wish I could be there but that's just greedy of me, seeing I'll be meeting other minions this Sunday! I would love to meet you guys, though. I hope there'll be pictures!

Robin S. said...

Hey, Stacy,

I'm just now starting to send queries out for my novel. I've been working my butt off on last edits to the novel, etc., and sending stories out to lit mags.

Enjoy your great new days in L A!!