Friday, September 19, 2008


I just finished watching A Streetcar Named Desire. All I can say is . . . that Marlon Brando was some serious eye candy. Yes, I know everyone raves about the acting, the writing, the score. But to tell the truth, Brando's back muscles impressed me more than anything else. Holy sweet cheeseballs on a platter. Hard to believe he, uh . . . expanded the way he did in his later years.

I totally missed the sexual tension between Blanche and Stanley, except for in the first scene where they meet, but then I'm really bad about picking up on things like that.

Could be why I haven't dated in a while . . .


Robin S. said...

Yep - great muscles, but bad temper, and creepy personality.

Definitely not a keeper, baby!

You just keep on with your school, and meet someone nice and smart, like you.

freddie said...

Yeah. Another downside for him is that he's dead. ; )

Robin S. said...

Ha! Yeah. There's that.