Monday, September 22, 2008

Cat Update

G. is resting comfortably on my bed with the door open, a good sign. He spent this morning cowering under D's bed and part of the afternoon in D's bathroom. But he seemed much too curious and wanted to be let out, so I let him out. Then he came into my room, explored a bit, leaped onto the bed in that graceful Siamese way, put his head down on his paws, and dozed.

O. came in just a few minutes ago to check out G.'s food and water dish (I've had to squirt him with the water bottle three times to keep him away), and G. didn't hunch up like he did before. He was calm.

Granted, the cats are still on opposite sides of the apartment. But I'm seeing some good signs. The only worrying part so far is that G. hasn't eaten since he's been here. That, and I've been sneezing like crazy today. I hope it's just a one-day thing. (Please?)

He's really very friendly and affectionate. I hope he can stay.


Never Settle said...

From my experience with cats (trust me... I have plenty), the new cat not eating for a few days is normal. Moving can be very stressful and some cats are very picky eaters. (Try giving him the food he was eating before the move.)

As far as the cats not getting along, my view is that if they aren't beating each other up then everything will be fine. I have somehow ended up with five 'rescue' cats- and that's after we gave away two kittens! We took them in at different times and had a bit of a personality conflict with two of them at first. Now they all get along very well.

Be patient. Keep loving them. I'm sure they'll get used to each other.

Thanks for giving the kitty a new home. >^.,.^<

freddie said...

That's good to hear, Never Settle! O. is quite friendly with other cats, and made a shy attempt to introduce himself, but G. hissed him off. I think the Siamese just needs a few days. His former caretaker said he would probably be skittish at first and then warm up. Apparently he's played with other cats before.

I'm just petting the two of them a lot. I did have an allergic reaction to G. yesterday (lots of sneezing and a stuffy nose), but this morning that seems to be gone. We'll see what happens when I pet G. today.