Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Hate to Complain, But . . .

This effing job search has me tearing my hair out. I answered an ad on a site for music instructors. The ad said this shop needed a violin instructor for five students, as its old instructor moved to a different part of the city.

Sounds perfect, right?

Wrong. After I answered the ad, the woman e-mails me back saying that instead of inquiring about my credentials, she just thought she was requesting a free ad from Google.

I am ready to scream.


fairyhedgehog said...

I'm a bit confused about what actually happened except that some idiot was advertising when there wasn't a job going.

How very frustrating.

I hope the job search picks up soon.

freddie said...

That's exactly what happened, FHH.

Oh well. Something will turn up.

writtenwyrdd said...

That's really confusing. And irritating for you, of course!

Robin S. said...


How about popping in a few music stores and asking around? Are there a couple that are close?
I bet if you mention converationally the graduat program you're in, it wouldn't hurt.

Also - what about checking in with grade school/middle school music teachers at a couple of schools near you? I'm just thinking 'out loud' here, because I know when my younger daughter sang in the chorus at her schools, there were many conversations between the music kids' parents about lessons, etc.

writtenwyrdd said...

Just checking in again. I hope the full-time job of job hunting is nearing its end by now!

freddie said...

There might be some stores downtown, but Chicago is surprisingly light on music stores, except for chains that specialize in guitar—which I can no longer competently teach. People who teach here tend to have their own studios and so forth.

I've applied for an offsite copyediting gig with a company in California. We'll see what happens.

freddie said...

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get my music stuff updated so i can put it into music libraries to be picked up for TV and commercials and stuff. But that will take some time.

freddie said...

Just checking in again. I hope the full-time job of job hunting is nearing its end by now!

Unfortunately, no. I'm still looking. Hopefully I'll find something soon!

Robin, I did try the school thing. I was even successful in getting a flyer sent out to 400 parents last spring. No leads. I think maybe somewhere in its heart the universe not-so-secretly hates me.

Seriously, I'm keeping my chin up. I'm just going to keep looking until something turns up.

Robin S. said...

Oh- that music library thing sounds like a great idea. I didn't know that type of thing existed until I found out my daughter's boyfriend's older brother (in Britain) does this for a living. Amazing stuff, how that works!