Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Little Somethin' Somethin' Redux

This is the promised mixed audio of the final concert last Fall. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. Of course, I've noticed now there are a couple of places the dialogue drops out a bit (for me, anyway), and then there are places where the microphone pops (but those were a matter of my not having figured out yet how to fix them).

And when I say I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, I want to know: Could you understand the dialogue? Did it seem to drop out anywhere? Were there places where the music drowned it out? How does the balance between the two work for you? How was the overall sound? Too bright? (There's very little reverb.) Critiques needed!

EDIT: We've had so much snow this winter that our ceiling is cracking right outside the laundry room. Now that it's warming up, the snow is melting and leaking. I can hear the *drip drip drip* into the bucket from my bedroom.

Also, for those of you not familiar with reverb, that's the echo-y sound you hear in music when a character is coming out of a dream sequence. It's the audio equivalent to where the screen gets all shimmery right as the character is coming out of the dream. One of its uses is to recreate the sound of a large hall.

Also forgot to mention that there's ten seconds of dead space before the dialogue. Sorry about that, but I'm not changing it now. : )


Bevie said...

Very good! I liked it. But you are asking specific questions.

I could understand most of the dialogue. At times the male voice seemed soft, but I'm getting on and lower tones sometimes don't come through as well. For that reason, too, there were times when the strings (it sounded like strings) made it even harder to understand the male. For me, the music at times did compete with the dialogue, but then I have older ears, and I was kind of looking for that because of your questions.

I liked the way the sound crescendoed, but sometimes it seemed to get too loud. And the quiet portions too soft. Just my opinion, but the quiet portions could have been a tad louder and the louder portions a bit quieter.

Take my words with a grain of salt, though. Read what others have to say.

I liked it.

fairyhedgehog said...

That was fascinating. I found that I was listening more to the music than the dialogue, almost as if the words were a commentary on the music rather than vice versa. Once I realised that was happening I relaxed into it and found that I enjoyed the piece more and could follow the dialogue without having to strain to catch every word.

The emotional tone came across clearly to me and the build up to the big crescendo.

I enjoyed it.

freddie said...

Thanks for the comments! I think I know what to do so that the music doesn't overshadow the dialogue so much. It's supposed to be clear, but accompanying the dialogue, not the other way around!

Chris Eldin said...

Wow---Fascinating that you are partially deaf yet so drawn to music.

I will have to listen to this later, when kids aren't doing homework.

freddie said...

I should warn you that it's a scene from Mourning Becomes Electra, in which two incestuous siblings plan the murder of their mother.

I forgot to mention that earlier, and I think Kiersten was on here the other day. Hope she didn't scare her Kiddos.