Thursday, February 12, 2009

Geek Pickup Lines

So I've been following Ana Marie Cox on Twitter. She is a journalist who also happens to be a political junkie. She came up with wonk pickup lines, which has inspired nerd pickup lines, and now geek pickup lines.

My first one is: "I wanna be your internal hard drive."

Put your geek pickup lines in the comments!

EDIT: I love what I'm seeing so far. We gotta come up with more for Valentine's Day!

I have more: "Let's go back to my place and hook up your interface to my hard drive."

"Check out my fire wire."

"Let's go back to my place and play 'Computer Repairman.'"

"With my hard drive, you'll never need a thumb drive again."

"I see you use a Mac. Now try a Big Mac."

"My laptop is a full 17 inches."

"I'm sorry, my hard drive has never crashed before." (Geek apologies?)


Whirlochre said...

Overclock my processor till my heatsink melts, baby.

If you're into nerdy humour, check out Moss from The IT Crowd — still available to view online via

Whirlochre said...

Just found this excerpt...

Sarah Laurenson said...


That's a good one. Bit early for my brain to come up with something, but I'll work on it.

WO - that is truly geeky.

laughingwolf said...

wanna come up and view my latest net nodes?