Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What the Novel Is Turning Into

It's turning into a graphic novel.

I like writing it as a graphic novel, because writing it that way forces me to think about the plot. One thing about second drafts that I find frustrating is that when I rewrite, the plot I had in the first draft spins wildly out of control. Either that, or I get so caught up in the prose I move at a snail's pace. I've been stuck for weeks on the prologue and chapter one. Writing the novel as a graphic novel forces me to think about the things I tend to let fall by the wayside. It's pretty fun. I may just submit the first few pages to some comic book publishers, just to get something out there to quell this nervousness about the rent.


Robin S. said...

Sounds like a neat idea.

I'm with you on the editing hell.
Although I have finally found it getting, not easier, but less depressing, as I've gone on.

Good luck with that rent thing! What about teaching as an instructor in a music school? Would that work, credentials-wise?

freddie said...

I've taught in two music schools, and both experiences weren't great. Just really low money. You work your ass off and the school takes half the money. I'd rather try to beef up my own studio, and it's coming (I have two new students), but it's a slow process. Slower than I'd hoped.

I have flyers going out to more than 400 parents of a school where a student attends (thanks to her mom, who is also a student). I'm hoping that will garner more than a few calls. But I've pestered the administrator at the school who's handling it quite a bit the past few weeks, so I want to wait a bit to ask when the flyers are going out, if they aren't already. Just a lot of hurry up and wait.

I do have a couple of interviews over the next few days, so hopefully something will turn up. : )

Whirlochre said...

First the graphic novel.

Then the graphic novel devoid of all speech balloons.

Then the colouring pens.

Any way you come at it, this editing business is misery.

150 said...

Heh. I came here hoping to see artwork for the Undertaker comic, was sadly disappointed. :)

For rewrites, I've found that nothing makes a plot become clear like writing a synopsis. It lays bare all the cause/effects and where they break down.

Good luck!

freddie said...

Ooh, 150, that is a good idea!

Artwork coming, but not anytime soon. I may just submit the manuscript to comic book publishers, where artwork is not necessary, and let them cremate it. But we'll see. I'm dying to get something out.

Well, I feel like a survivor having survived my first facelift.