Saturday, June 7, 2008

All About Meme Me

Okay, no one tagged me on this (and I'm a little bummed), but I don't think anyone would mind if I answer some questions. Apparently some people think I'm a bit of an enigma.

Inquisition Meme

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was completing my fourth year as a Music Composition student. Ah, the good old days . . .

What are five things on your to-do list for today?

Hmm. Work on the novel. See if I can't come up with a version of Danse Macabre for cello and double bass (or maybe two double basses). Watch a movie. Clean up the kitchen (maybe). Send out a few resumes.

Hey, it's Saturday.

What are some snacks you enjoy?

Chocolate, of course. Brownies. Grapefruit. Almonds.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

I would buy a big-ass brick Victorian house in the country with lots of land (half meadow, half timber, with a creek or a pond or both), invite my parents, brother, nieces, and sister to live with me, and go effing crazy on Amazon. I'd go crazy adopting kids from all over the world, a la Angelina Jolie. I'd get two dogs and four cats. I'd have a huge garden. I'd send money to researchers studying to cure hearing loss. I'd donate a lot to Defenders of Wildlife, especially their wolf program, because I adore wolves. I'd save the polar bears and possibly try to solve world hunger. I'd take a long trek through Europe and check out all the old castles that I could. Last but not least, I would build a recording studio.

Oh, and I'd pay Alexander Siddig to marry me.

What are three of your bad habits?

I'm disorganized and a bit of a pack rat. I don't finish enough short stories. I'm temperamental and moody. I don't trust my gut enough.

Okay, that's four. I could go on, but you wouldn't like me anymore.

What are five places where you have lived?

Dorm room
Basement apartment that flooded twice, with sewage water
Dallas, Texas
Chicago, Illinois (Lincoln Park)
Chicago, Illinois (Andersonville)

When I lived in Lincoln Park, I lived three blocks south of Wrigley Field. But don't go romanticizing that if you're a Cubs fan. After every game, the drunks would vandalize everything in sight and no resident could walk down the street without being hassled. That sucked. And now Cubs games are filled with people who aren't even there to watch the game!

What are five jobs you have had?

Music instructor

What were the last five books you read?

I don't remember the order of these at all, but here goes: All the President's Men, V for Vendetta, Heart-Shaped Box, Mr. Big, The Golden Compass

Okay. There's a few things you didn't know about me.


Kiersten said...

If I had known you when I got the meme, you would have been tagged ; ) And now you realize that the next time any of us get tagged, you'll get it about four hundred times.

Fun! I didn't know you were a musician. That's cool. And I guess you're about halfway between my 20 year old/40 year old competing mental images. That's a good place to be.

freddie said...

I think most people from EE don't even know I have a blog. I'm not a good advertiser. But I love memes, as they feed my constant appetite for useless information.

I'm closer to 40 than 20. 35, to be exact. I know I sometimes don't act my age! : )

fairyhedgehog said...

I would have tagged you! But I didn't know you had a blog when the tagging was going on.

I'm glad you answered anyway; I enjoyed finding out more about you.

Are you going to tag anyone, or has everyone been tagged now?

Robin S. said...

Hey girl- you've been so quiet - I didn't know you'd wasnt to be memed! Plus, I just started blogging less than a month ago- so what do I know?

Now you're in big trouble with this, ya know! Meme Central.

Robin S. said...

P.S. If you want to link, let me know, please.

freddie said...

Yes! Thank you!

fairyhedgehog said...

I've already added you to my link list. I'm not polite like Robin, I didn't bother to ask ;)