Thursday, May 29, 2008

Novel and Stuff

Okay. So I know the novel is set in Chicago. I know Fat Man is loosely based on Al Capone. I know this hit man, the MC, was raised on the streets of Chicago. Well, not raised. He raised himself. And he started working for Fat Man at the age of 15.

I may get skittish about this post and delete it later. That's my problem with this blog. I always feel like I'm revealing too much, and I wind up posting, only to go back later and delete what I wrote.

Job hunt is still going; there's more action than there was last week, but nothing concrete yet. I did start a new student, but this one is off of craigslist, and those situations are always sketchy at first. We'll see what happens. I hate this constant feeling of nervousness about my near future.


writtenwyrdd said...

I don't think you are revealing too much. Personally, I like blogs where people talk about their writing thought processes.

Perhaps Big Name Authors shouldn't sound ambivalent or confused on a public venue such as a blog, but those of us who aren't Big Name Authors can get away with it.

Do I sound ambivalent now?

freddie said...

Sorta. Yet I understand what you mean.

The thing is that the process of creating something is so damn messy. You make a mess, and then clean it up again. It's hard NOT to sound ambivalent.

But I shall continue to post about the novel. I like writing about the process almost as much as I like writing the novel itself. (Although sometimes I hate the novel. Do I sound ambivalent now?)