Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I know this has nothing to do with books, but I'm excited about something.

Today I buy my first sound sample library, the Garritan Personal Orchestra. Now, this is the least expensive sound sample library I've been able to find, and East West Quantum may be better (it's certainly more expensive, and no doubt I will have to add that to my sample library eventually), but it's paired with Finale.

My pipe dream has always been to be a film composer. I am working on a film right now (a documentary), and if this sound sample thing works out, I can start sending ideas to the director and she can hear mockups of the music before I send it on to the musicians, all with realistic sounds. I can also make a demo to give to other people. And and and . . . I can start submitting music I've already written to music libraries as early as tomorrow (but more likely toward the end of the week. I expect problems. There are always problems. I just pray they won't be problems that set me back a few more months. I'm already way behind on the Life Plan.)

Okay, this may be why my writing is at a standstill. But not for long! For Neil Gaiman has lots of good advice about second drafts, which has come at a time when I sorely need it.

And by the way, where the hell are my beard pictures?

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Conduit said...

Thanks for saying hi over at my place. :)

As it happens, I had a stint at trying to break into music for film back in the nineties (I studied music at college), and I scored one very (very, very) low budget feature film, and some TV, radio and theatre stuff. It's a tough racket, I've got to say - much tougher than publishing, in my experience. Best of luck with your ventures. Talent will always win out.