Monday, May 19, 2008


Okay, so buying a used version of the Garritan Personal Orchestra didn't work out. Damn thing wouldn't load because of a disc error. Thank dog I met with the guy at a coffee shop (Dunkin' Donuts—hey, I'm no snob) to download it instead of him having him send it to me. Some guy was over in the corner, watching us intently, and of course I got it into my head that he was an undercover FBI agent just sitting in a Dunkin' Donuts waiting for unsuspecting downloaders of pirated software to walk in (kind of like something out of A Confederacy of Dunces?), so I stared at him until he became alarmed and got up and left.

Not that I had anything to worry about. No transaction took place. And I felt bad, because the guy selling it to me really looked like he could use the money.

So . . . long story short I ordered a legit copy from Musician's Friend. Anxiously awaiting my purchase now.

Nothing else is new. Spent all weekend working on an article for Helium, only to miss the deadline by a few minutes. Damn damn damn. Hoping I'll be able to salvage the thing by submitting elsewhere. If anyone knows any legit sites similar to Helium, I'd be grateful for the info.

But my rebate came, and my Fundable check came, so all is not lost. Not to mention, I actually wrote a few paragraphs to the prologue of my second draft of one of my novels that didn't make me want to delete it in the morning. So, I may indeed be crawling out of this writing abyss.

I'm also considering becoming Unanonymous—that is, using my real name for my blog and on other blogs, such as Evil Editor. We shall see. If I do decide to do that, I can only hope those of you who have worked in law enforcement don't take my pot jokes too seriously. Or the completely fictitious account of the above incident.

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