Sunday, May 4, 2008

Free Comic Book Day - Belated Post

How many people participated in free comic book day? Raise your hands.

I spent so much time participating, I didn't have time to blog about this. My roomie and I managed to pick up nearly every title available. Although I must say there was one "shop" we stopped at that wasn't a shop at all, although all signs prior to walking in pointed to This Is A Comic Book Shop. There was even an inflated Incredible Hulk on a real motorcycle outside the door. We walked in and there were about twelve guys—comic book guys, if you get my drift—sitting at rectangular tables playing some sort of twelve-man card game. There were no comic books to be seen, except for a few dusty, limp back issues in the window. After a few seconds of looking around uncomfortably, we left.

What was the use of that? Well, now I have a new story idea.

Yes, I'm a recent comic book convert. Bona fide geek now, and proud of it. Damn proud.

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