Friday, March 12, 2010

Steak and Beer and Other Things

I just had a big steak and a beer, and it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be. I don't know why I got a hankering, but I did. I didn't even like the steak much. And the chicken I fixed last week is now slowly turning to gelatin in the fridge. The truth is, I don't think I like meat much anymore. Yet I don't like veggies much, either. If I stop liking fruit, I am definitely screwed.

Going to start the new yoga DVD tomorrow. The fruit smoothies I've been drinking are great; I feel so much better! But I've not lost any weight, despite the copious amounts of yogurt I put into my smoothies. Maybe a little bit, but . . . see above. I've not really changed any of my other habits. I keep thinking once I get to L.A., I'll suddenly leap into this ultra-healthy lifestyle (counting on you, Sarah - heh). We shall see. It's hard to stay healthy in the city of the Deep Dish Pizza. Right now I'm getting on the treadmill for a half an hour about once every week and a half. That's not good.

But I've been doing a hell of a lot more composing, and that IS good. I just have to clean up my room and stop screwing around in the morning when I get up. Yeah, yeah, I "need" that extra cup of coffee. (Some mornings I do, but . . . )

And honestly, I think that's the biggest problem right there: caffeine. I don't know whether it can make you gain weight, but all the freaking cream I drink can't be helping matters any. I've thought about cutting it out, but I don't like black coffee, and the thought of going without coffee kind of scares me. (I guess that means I'm an addict? Caffeineaholics Anonymous, anyone?) I'm trying to either drink the soy or fat-free creamer, but more often than not, I find myself in 7-11 picking up the sugared, fatty sweet creamer just because it's conveniently available. What I might do is just drink the coffee black throughout the week and then on the weekends have the cream too, as a treat. Hmmm. Have I bored you enough???

I've been a little better about turning off my light at night when I sleep, but I'm still going to bed to take "naps." I'm looking into one of those alarms hard of hearing people have, where it zaps a finger or something. We shall see. And one of the contacts in my last set ripped, so now I'm wearing the glasses that have unremovable spots on them. Sexy.

Getting a few more samples here and there. I have one nearly mixed and it will go up on the website and in the libraries of which I'm a part. Some exciting things are happening, and when I know more I'll be sure to keep you posted. Just one of those "in the works" things.


KarenG said...

Oh wow, I just noticed that I'm on your live feeder, just arriving in from Salt Lake City! Let's go out for steak! Does that ever sound good to me right now. I don't drink beer, but I'll have a diet Coke with lime lol!

fairyhedgehog said...

If you give up meat, veg, and fruit, you'll only have coffee creamer to live on!

It sounds like life is OK at the moment. I'm glad the composing is coming along.

Cris said...

I know how you feel about the whole meat and veggies thing. I feel I've turned into a carb-oholic because of it, which doesn't help with my very lightly active lifestyle.

Robin S. said...

This sounds great - in a big picture way, which is importamt stuff.

Go for veggies and pastas and cheeses (lo-fat), and some fruit. Mmm mmm good.

Hey - soon you will be a graduate!!

Old Kitty said...


Oooh coffee for me is a must! But I just have normal milk with it - I'm thinking it's got calcium so must be good for you! LOL!

I'm a veggie who likes her veggie cheese!!

I look forward to reading about these exciting things happening!! Good luck!

Take care