Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite Movie Quotes!

My favorite movie quote: "I guess I have a lot of borderline health disorders that limit me politically when it comes to eating." — Joyce, American Splendor

Tell me yours!

Also, found out Ricky Martin is gay. Just a wee bit disappointed. Is that wrong?


Another Diva Day said...

"That's what she said" -Waynes World. {immature I know but classic}

KarenG said...

Is it wrong that he's gay or wrong that you're disappointed? LOL.

Favorite movie quotes. "Drink the milk, I want to get rid of it." (Home Alone)

"Leave the gun, take the canoli." (I don't even have to tell you do I?)

"I know!" (any movie with Meg Ryan.)

Old Kitty said...


My fave quote: "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night" Bette Davis, All About Eve.

Ricky Martin - I kinda suspected - the man could move his hips!!!


take care

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Whirlochre said...

I've always rather enjoyed Kevin Spacey's "I rule" from American Beauty.

Lil Me said...

"I'd rather fight with you then make love to anyone else"

----The Wedding Date

Ricky Martin is still something to look at! ;)

sb.marianna said...

Jack: [To Sawyer about Locke's hunting] Well if you've gotta better idea?
Sawyer: Better than the three of us wandering into the magic forest to bag a hunk of ham with nothing but little bitty hunting knife? Hell no it's the best idea I ever heard.

that cracks me up every single time

P.S.: it's from LOST

Heather A Posey said...

I love, "put the bunny back in the box" - nick cage in Con Air.

Robin S. said...

Damn. I'm at a loss for words, and I'm having trouble believing that!

stacy said...

Ech, I feel bad that I haven't responded to any of these comments. They're all good! Sadly, even with a film background I've never seen The Godfather all the way through. Yes, I know. Sad. But I do intend to see it, since there are so many pop culture references from it.

I've seen the first four seasons of Lost and loved it! Can't wait to catch up on the fifth.

Also love the Bette Davis line, Kitty. I watched that film for the first time about a year and a half ago.

Saw Con Aire, but don't remember the line! Ah well. May have to rewatch. : )

I've never seen The Wedding Date.

But Whirl, I too enjoyed Kevin Spacey's "I rule!" in American Beauty. Said so much.

Robin, the quirky, proudly-anti-establishmentarianism of that line just makes it priceless to me. I've met people just like her!

Hope I covered everything here. : )

Tracie Tsuneya said...

The one that comes to my mind is:
--"Oooh! That's a bingo!...That's how you say it right, 'That's a bingo'?"
-"Nah, you just say bingo."
(Inglorious Basterds)

stacy said...

hah! Haven't seen Inglorious Basterds, yet, Tracie. Sadly.