Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Manuscript Tracker

Manuscript Tracker is a free software application designed to help you track your queries and submissions. A cursory check into its features shows it gets the job done. You can list your titles, word counts, and "genre" (which is really/also your format list). In the notes you can supply dates submitted and whatnot.

I would love to see production suites such as Celtx add a feature like this (Celtx is now upgradeable to 2.7), or Manuscript Tracker to add a feature where you can upload the actual manuscript in question. But there are ways around that.


Old Kitty said...


Blimey, they think of everything!

I do like the manuscript tracker software. Is it windows compatible?
It's worth having though!



stacy said...

I don't think that particular one is, but there are several for Windows found here: http://www.gabrielleluthy.com/art_submitting.htm

You can find them under "Tracking Programs" on the right hand side.

stacy said...

There's also one I found that's totally online:


Johnnie said...

You could try http://www.PublisherTracker.com. This one is windows compatible and free.

Sarah Laurenson said...

I just use Excel. Not ready for the big time.

Finally took some action on the dropbox thing, but they wanted me to get my own account before I could see yours. I'm not up for another account right now (and another set of e-mails). Another time. I'd love to hear your music.

stacy said...

*blows raspberry*

stacy said...

I'm hoping you will be able to hear it soon once I get my new site put up. Working on it.