Thursday, July 2, 2009

In Which Freddie Gets Whacked, Possibly

When I came up with the name Freddie as a writing name, I intended for Freddie to be my shiftless, jobless, sarcastic, pot-smoking alter-ego. (Aside from the pot smoking, this turned out not to be too far from the truth.) In fact, Freddie was short for the name my father wanted to give me when I was born: Winnefred. My mother vetoed this, and they mutually agreed on a different name. For a long time I debated about "coming out of the closet." Not as a Michael Jackson fan - hah, already did that, : ), but using my real name. I decided to not do that until the day I had a reason to, something I wanted people to see.

Well, the day has come, ladies and gents. I have a website. Some of you already know my real name from dealing with me behind the scenes. I'm sure those of you that don't are on the edge of your seats right now. Are you ready for the pure awesomeness to follow? 

Here's the website address:

You should be able to figure out my name from that. For now it features my music. As I do more stuff artwise, I'll add to it. I have a few samples up, one of which you've heard, and more will come. Any feedback you can give is welcome. 

I will attempt to change the address of this blog to, along with my online name, but I need to find out if it's available. If it is, Freddie gets whacked. Update to come soon!

UPDATE: You know what's stupid? Changing the blog address before anyone has had a chance to see your warning. *smacks forehead, hard*

I'm going to leave this up under the freddiescafe.blogspot address for the time being, until y'all have had a chance to read the update. Please comment to let me know you have. Once I've heard from everyone I keep in a reasonable amount of contact with, I'll change it. Thanks!


stacy said...

Testing comments

writtenwyrdd said...

Testing answers!

It feels weird when you put your 'real' name up there, doesn't it? I put the name I write under up on my marquee but it's not like I've made a massive change to the original.

Are you making sales of your music now or just marketing your stuff?

Anonymous said...

okey dokey - i'm converted!

stacy said...

It does feel weird, WW.

Right now I'm just marketing and trying to get the word out that I exist. : )

Thanks, Aerin!

Whirlochre said...

Knowing you as Freddie was fun, but I prefer Stacy.

Whirlochre said...

Knowing you as Freddie was fun, but I prefer Stacy.

Whirlochre said...

Knowing you as Freddie was fun, but I prefer Stacy.

fairyhedgehog said...

Whirl prefers Stacy - in triplicate!

I'm having trouble getting my head around this. I don't think I'd realised that freddie was a pseudonym. (I think most people realise that fairyhedgehog isn't my real name.)

OK, freddie = stacy, stacy = freddie.

I will get the hang of it. I will. I will.

Bevie said...

fairyhedgehog is not your real name?

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

The domino effect is in play, freddie/stacy. You do realize this means a rework of the Legion of On-Line Super Heroes blog?

stacy said...

How much of a rework, Bevie? I don't want to create more work for you. . . .

If it's too much of a pain for the Legion of Online Superheroes, I can leave this blog as it is. When I made the test switch yesterday, I lost my blog list, among other things. I'm not enthused about rebuilding everything from scratch. OTOH, I'm tired of keeping a pseudonym.

fairyhedgehog said...

It's weird but I don't think of fairyhedgehog as a pseudonym. I think of it as my online name, because I've been using it so long and met so many people with it.

Quite a lot of them know my offline name too, but most people who know me face to face don't know my nickname. I suppose I just don't want counselling clients googling me and finding all my trivia. Not that that is an issue at the moment.

Bevie said...

Just being impish, freddie/Stacy. Redoing anything is a nuisance, but I've spent my life redoing things. This is not a big deal.

Bevie is not my real name. I prefer it, most of the time (and always online) because it reminds me of what I want to do most: write. Should I ever be published, that is the name by which I wish to be known.

In my mind the names we give ourselves mean more than the names others give us.

Whirlochre said...

Can I say it again?

Robin S. said...

Can't wait to visit the new place when i'm back home from the office!

Robin S. said...

Hey, just visited and saw the keyboard pic and I love it, freddie/stacy!

sylvia said...

*rotf* I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but changing the blog name before people have a chance to see that you are going to change it was just priceless.

I presumed Freddie was your real name too and somewhat embarrassingly, I didn't realise you had a blog!

When are you going to put some samples up for us to listen to, huh? :)