Sunday, August 24, 2008


I've taken up running. Well, "jogging" is a more appropriate term. For the last couple of weeks I've been just jogging around the neighborhood, but today for the first time I am going to this track on Clark Street that's just beyond Lawrence. I'm going to try to make it around the track one time. I think it's half a mile.

I used to hate running. I'm one of those people who get shin splints even walking at a brisk pace. But while I initially lost weight with the yoga, I've hit a plateau (translation: I'm still chubby) and I feel like I need something a little more strenuous. And so far, I kind of like it. Instead of planting myself like a barnacle in front of my computer (or worse, the TV) I find myself now wandering around the house wondering what to do with my excess energy. Then I lace up my shoes for a run. My plan is to alternate the running and yoga so that I do each every other day. We shall see if I keep this up. Tomorrow will be my first day of exercise at six in the morning. Probably will be the yoga.

This is why I want the blog private. If I fail at these things, only a few people will know. ; )

Then I'm coming home and reading or something.

ETA: Walked out of the house and was met by two bulldogs who thought I was dinner. Then I walked under a tree and something wet fell on my head. I hope it was water. I jogged a mile (twice around the track) and then realized I had to walk another mile home.

Maybe I'll just keep running around the neighborhood.


Whirlochre said...

It's been many years since I did anything energetic like jogging and I can only conclude that, in spite of my capacity to consume monster sandwiches and curries, the reason my figure is so trim and slim (!) is because I don't drive. Wednesdays, I regularly put in eight or so miles.

As for the shin splints, watch out you're not stomping. You can waste a lot of energy bobbing up and down instead of going forwards.

writtenwyrdd said...

Kudos for getting out and getting exercise. I hope you can avoid shin splints, but some of us are prone and nothing will stop them.

If you do suffer leg/foot problems, try ensuring you have proper fitting shoes (the cost is high but worth it) and remember that even spiffy and new looking doesn't mean your shoes aren't broken down internally. Take care of your feet before anything else when you run.

It's been years since my knee has let me run (running did it in, actually) but my recollection is that a standard track is more like a quarter mile. Is this a jogging trail sort of track? In any case, if you want to know the actual distance you ran, a pedometer might be useful.

Anonymous said...

PS Wikianswers says the standard length is 400 meters. Which confirms my memory of running "440s" (e.g. 440 yards) in high school.

A mile is 1609 meters, so one lap is approximately 1/4 mile. (Now we both know.)


freddie said...

Yeah. As I was jogging, I thought it couldn't be a half-mile. Too short. So that explains why I was able to make it around the track twice. Which is better than the two blocks I could run when I started.

pacatrue said...

Hi Freddie. I think we are supposed to exchange writing snippets for Robin's talk-a-thon next week. My email is my name here at yahoo dot com. Looking forward to it. I will find something to send your way. Are we shooting for 2-3 minutes still?

freddie said...

Hi Paca!

I will find something to send your way as well. We can shoot for whatever length you want (though I suspect mine is three minutes).

I sent something to Robin to send to you, but I think I may have you continue the story from my previous podcast. Some people wanted to know what happens next.

Let me know when you'd like to receive it. Thanks!