Monday, August 4, 2008


Okay. So eating creamy chicken flavor Ramen noodles for breakfast does not fit in with this health thing I'm trying. But it was storming out this morning and any kind of bad or cold weather always put me in the mood for soup.

That's one thing I will miss about Chicago when I finally do move: soup. Not that soup isn't available in California. But snow? I'm guessing it's rare. And I'm thinking earthquakes aren't going to put me in the mood for soup like a winter day (or night) in Chicago, with the snow falling and the wind blowing outside, and I'm all cozy in the TV room with a good book or an old movie. And soup. It can be any kind, really, but the best is potato soup, or a creamy chicken and rice soup with celery, carrots, and onions. Gotta be homemade, though, something I've slaved over in the kitchen for an hour or two, chopping veggies and boneless chicken, using up every pot and pan we have and generally making a mess. Then the soup simmers in the pot. An hour later I've had four bowls of increasingly hotter and spicier soup, because of course I can't wait for the spices to settle. I gotta have it NOW. Because I gotta read my book or watch one of those old Italian films (preferably with Marcello Mastroianni), and with the wind whistling outside against the windows, I gotta have soup.

So you can see how throwing the contents of a can of Progresso in the microwave just isn't the same. (Yet creamy chicken Ramen noodles do nicely in a pinch - like this morning. Except I heat those on the stove, so it's like cooking. Sort of.)

I guess I'm jonesing for winter. I shouldn't be. Winter in Chicago lasts a minimum of nine months. That's why summers in Chicago are so fun. People are ready to shed the winter clothes and brave the heat in their shorts and pasty, blinding white skin. They want to listen to the street musicians downtown and go to all the street fairs. They want to hang out at the beach by Lake Michigan (yes, we have beaches). They want to go on boat rides. Soup is just not the thing in summer. Beer is the thing, preferably at a restaurant or bar that has a big patio, where you can sit and ruminate on . . . whatever. (I've yet to experience this. Seems my luck always brings me to the dark, inner caves of Irish bars in Chicago, even during summer. Oh wait - there was that one night on a rooftop garden, a going-away party for a friend who actually joined up D and me with the landlord for this apartment. But that is rare rare rare. And don't get me wrong: I love Irish bars in Chicago, especially during the winter. They are cozy, baby.)

D thinks I'm crazy for feeling this way about soup, as he attaches no importance or comfort to food. He doesn't even get cravings, the bastard.


fairyhedgehog said...

I can understand the soup craving but not the craving for winter. I loathe winter with a fierce loathing. I hate being cold and I hate rain and I hate the dark.

I don't like summer foods like ice cream and fruit and I love hot drinks but I still prefer the summer.

Not that we get a lot of it here.

Kiersten said...

He doesn't have food cravings of any sort? Sheesh.

I'm a total comfort eater, too. Which is why querying has made me gain two pounds so far. Sigh.

Yup, no winter in LA. It might snow there sometimes--every few years?

freddie said...

It's not exactly a craving for winter as much as its a craving to be indoors during winter, FHH. I just love the way winter looks and the feeling of being cozy indoors when it's cold outside. I don't want to be out in it. What can I say - I am a woman of contradictions.

Nope, Kiersten, no cravings. Well, maybe very occasional. But mostly he'll eat whatever is there. I'm totally the opposite. I get strong cravings that have to be sated NOW.

Maybe once I get to L.A. I won't miss winter.

writtenwyrdd said...

I like winter, actually, although I complain mightily when it inconveniences me, lol.

Soup is good. I have a cajun shrimp and corn stew I make, as well as good old New England corn or clam chowder (really, these three soups are all made almost exactly the same!)

However in the winter, I like a good stew, too. Or a roasted turkey.

My problem is that I have so much I let half of it go bad. Good thing we now have a dog, who loves the leftovers with his kibble.

Where in Calif. are you moving? Because winters in SF are very damp and chilly. I felt colder there in teh summer than I do a lot of the winter because of the damp. Soup is good in No. Calif.

freddie said...

Hi WW! I'll actually be moving to L.A. That is where I will finish up my MFA. Not sure whether I will stay out there, but it seems likely. That's where all the film work is.

I love any kind of soup, but that cajun shrimp one sounds especially yummy. Mmmmm.