Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Schuyler's Monster Blog and other updates

In my blog roll there's a new blog I discovered recently. I forget how. But this blogger is a fellow writer who has written a great deal about his autistic (?) daughter. (Autism is what I've gathered from the admittedly few posts I've read. I hope to read a lot more soon.) Informative and educational. And Schuyler is adorable! Once I get my school funds or a job (whichever comes first) I hope to pick up his book, Schuyler's Monster. Given his blog posts, he seems like a very good writer. And hey - I remembered how to spell Schuyler's name twice without looking it up. 

EDIT: Oh yeah. It was Neil Gaiman's blog, which for me, is pretty much my Center for Finding New and Interesting Things on the Internet.

I've also downloaded XCode for Mac/iPhone to try my hand at developing an iPhone application or two. I started one of Facebook, but even a student submission is $175. NO. Just NO. I don't know if iPhone charges as well, but at least I know there's a chance of recouping my fee. And bonus - new mad computer skillz. 


Aerin said...

Well I will have to go check out that site since I have an autistic child, too.

As for the iPhone apps - OMG. I just got mine, love it, and have a kazillion App ideas you could write! Ha.

fairyhedgehog said...

I'll check that out, freddie.

freddie said...

Tell, Aerin, tell!

I hope you feel better soon!!!

Thanks, FHH! Hope you're enjoying your vacation! (Er, you're still on vacation, right?)

laughingwolf said...

new iphone's out, wish you the best of luck...

snow leopard will be available in september, can't wait!

Robin S. said...

I need to start reading Neil Gaiman's blog - I didn't really know about him until you mentioned him a few times, and then EE had The Graveyard Book - which I LOVED from first to last page.