Friday, October 31, 2008

6 Random Things - My First Meme!

I've been tagged by fairyhedgehog.

Here goes:

1. I almost always wear jeans. As a student, obviously this fits my lifestyle. But even when I was working full-time, I was pretty much in jeans. I pretty much hate dressing up anymore. This is probably due to the fact that instead of having a nice figure like I used to, I am now a little pear-shaped.

2. I once worked as a dancer in a nightclub. No, not that kind of dancer. We were like the Fly Girls on that show In Living Color—minus the talent and coordination.

3. I only learned to make chili this year. Not that I ever thought it was hard or complicated; I just never got around to learning it.

4. If I could marry a cup of coffee, I would. Coffee and its warmth has given me more comfort and companionship than I can relay here. I'm sort of in love with it, although I'm developing an infatuation with tea. Please . . . don't tell Coffee.

5. I play double bass. A lot of people don't know this about me because I'm rather small. I'm not sayin' it's a mean double bass, but I get around all right for a white girl.

6. I'm becoming nocturnal. It's rather scary for me, a lifelong morning person. Nowadays I'm never up before 8 a.m., and I used to get up at 6. Some mornings I'm not even up before 9 a.m., and with all I have to do now, that's just way too late.

It seems like everyone I know online has been tagged.


fairyhedgehog said...

So: jeans-wearing, night-club-dancing, double-bass-playing, coffee-mainlining, nocturnal little furry creature.

Except I added the furry bit.

writtenwyrdd said...

I wouldn't marry coffee, but I've been having a long-term affair with it, you know, friendship with benefits!

My m om is 5'3" and she used to play double bass on occasion because no one else was willing to do that part.

Robin S. said...

Cool that you danced in a club, and you play double bass!

I'd be nocturnal if I didn't have to get a 16 year old out of bed to be in school by 7:20 am. Lord. And then there's work. Yeah. That. Dammit.

I love the night time. You go, girl! Stay nocturnal as long as you can - it's a creative time.

freddie said...

"Furry" should be "pudgy," I think. Or "chubby." But I think the word "chubby" has a different meaning in the UK, doesn't it, fairy? Hmmmmm?

Coffee just won't commit to a relationship, eh, WW? ; )

Yeah, true story, Robin. It was fun. We danced behind a screen and everything.

Seriously, the whole nocturnal thing is scaring me. It's screwing with my reputation among my friends for being someone who falls asleep at 8 p.m. every night. And half the time I don't even dress for bed anymore. I wake up in odd places in the apartment with my jeans still on and my contacts still in and my mouth feeling . . . furry. Hey! Fairy knew! ; )

freddie said...

I meant to ask about your mom and the double bass, WW. What kinds of bands did she play in?

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm laughing at the furry mouth. I think 'chubby' means something like 'pleasantly plump'. Well, to people in my generation it does anyway.

writtenwyrdd said...

My mother played in the h.s. marching band. Mainly clarinet, sometimes oboe or double bass. She aslo sang in Las Vegas as a lounge singer in the 50s.

writtenwyrdd said...

"Coffee won't commit to a relationship" Well, it tends to come and go, because you only rent coffe, the sleazy so-and-so.