Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Infinity . . . And Beyond

We're almost at the end. We're in the last week of school. I'm overcome with nostalgia and excitement. Still have a lot to do, but once I get these assignments knocked out of the way, it will be packing, finding a car (that's going to be the toughest part), and all the other stuff that goes with ending school. We're getting info on our internships, and it's exciting.

I've been checking out apartments in the L.A. area, and they're about what you would pay in Chicago. Only I like Chicago's apartments much better, what with all the dark wood and Greek-style architecture. I'm finding L.A. has its charms—just not in the apartments for the price I can pay. They look like carpeted prison cells. You get the one window with the venetian blinds. In some cases the stove and refrigerator are listed as amenities. As in optional.

Oh yeah, and then I have to find work. Checking out the want ads and the temp agencies.


fairyhedgehog said...

Exciting times!

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations on your about to finish course and schooling!!

Now for the really exciting bit - being part of the big amazing world out there in L.A. - city of angels - wow!!!

GOOD LUCK with the flat/house hunting and job and ad perusing!!! I'm sending you tons and tons and tons of support hugs over the ether!

Take care

Bernita said...

A fridge and stove optional?
That's, that's...19th century!
Good luck in the wilds of L.A!

stacy said...

It is, Fairy!

Thanks, Kitty! I have officially reserved my moving truck to store my stuff. Now on to renting the storage unit.

Yeah, I thought that was weird that they listed those things as amenities, Bernita. I'm gonna have to ask Sarah about that. Possible I misinterpreted???

lupie said...

Good luck in everything you do!

Hope you get a great car that serves you well!!

Lucky says "Hi" and sends one of his finest "luck" to a great kind person!

Robin S. said...

Looking forward to hearing about your internship. Very cool stuff indeed.

You did it!!

Please remember to take yourself and your work seriously. You deserve this good fortune, as you mde it happen yourself - slogging through the bad as well as the good times, eeking by to get to the part where you find yourself rewarded. Well, you're almost there, so please take yourself and your musical artwork seriously once you're there.

pacatrue said...

Fun, fun stuff. I'm just finishing up my years of schooling as well and headed off in the hunt for a job. Best wishes.

stacy said...

Oops, Robin. I just realized I didn't publish your comment for about two weeks. Sorry!!

I don't have any choice BUT to take myself seriously now. But yeah, I know what you mean. There's a shift in my thinking. I'm no longer a student.

stacy said...

Best wishes to you, too, Paca!