Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Lucky is a cat whose paw and tail were cut off by some cruel individual who shall remain nameless . . . mostly because Lucky can't name the person who did this to him.

He was found by Bin, and yesterday she took him to the vet to be examined and treated. She posted pics, but I'm only going to link the post to pics of him after he was treated. If you want the other pics you'll have to find them on the blog yourself.

He's now (it's a he, I think!) resting semi-comfortably, and I'm posting this because Bin is accepting donations for his vet care (she didn't ask me to repost; I'm just doing it.) He's probably going to need a lot of it over the coming months. You can donate here.

Stop by Old Kitty's blog and thank her for posting. Her post instigated the donations.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Stacy

Thank you.

He's so adorable isn't he? and what an appropriate name for him too.

Take care

lupie said...

Stacy, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Lucky says "Meow, meeoooww..." translated into "Love, Loooovee u".

stacy said...

He is adorable, Old Kitty. Glad you posted!

Thanks, lupie. Glad to help. I hope he's feeling better these days . . .

Robin S. said...

Oh, sweet little cat! I'm so happy he was rescued - just thinking about some sick-assed cruel human doing this to a cat makes me wish violent retaliation was legal. My little sweet cat Madison is curled up beside me as I type this.

stacy said...

I'm so bad about getting to these comments these days.

Hope you're doing well, Robin! Yes, it's very cruel. I can't fathom being that cold-hearted.