Monday, February 15, 2010

Coming Soon

Progress on the new site, but I'd like to get a few more samples up before I post the link here.

I saw The Wolfman and a little European film called The White Ribbon. I'm hoping my tiny epiphany in listening to Elfman's score in The Wolfman will help. The Muse was nowhere to be found yesterday.

In my humble opinion, the editing in TW was odd. And TWR was rather disturbing, but thought-provoking.


Robin S. said...

I saw the commercials for The Wolfman - with Anthony Hopkins in it - I figured it might be really good. Did you like the movie?

Old Kitty said...


Ooh can't wait for the unveiling of your new site!

Glad you had a good time over the weekend and I hope you find your muse very soon!

Take care


stacy said...

I thought The Wolfman was okay. The film's editing felt wrong to me throughout much of the film, but that may be just me. It's a fun film, and I can never get enough of pre-Victorian/Victorian England with its windswept moors and shadowy lighting. But overall, the film was a bit disappointing. Emily Blunt was fantastic, but I couldn't help feeling—despite the fact that he undeniably did a fine job—that Benicio Del Toro was all wrong for the role of Lawrence Talbot. I suppose I've just always had my own ideas about that and those little fantasies are intruding on my thoughts.

If you're the type that really loves a shadowy, dark England lit by candles and haunted by werewolves, you'll be in for a treat. But I kind of regret blowing so much money on the film.

stacy said...

Thanks, Kitty! I can't wait to unveil it. There will be a few downloads available immediately and then more as time goes on. I'm also going to provide a section where people can license my music for commercial use. My current site, powered by Columbia, doesn't offer any widget features where I can provide links and downloads, so I'm setting something up on blogger. I'm hoping to get at least five tracks up by the end of the week so I can launch it.