Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pop Song

How did I miss Macy Gray's "I Try" for so long? This is great!


moonrat said...

haha. i hear ya.

freddie said...

Number of times listened between yesterday and today: 16.

Robin S. said...

My younger step-daughter loved this song the year she visited us in the States for a month or so.
She'd been living in Australia - she told me about this song - it was huge in Oz, apparently, and only then did we start hearing it in the States. Always wondered what happened to the singer later.

freddie said...

I think she's done a couple of albums and she was in a movie with Denzel Washington, though I confess I've not kept up with her much. I think her voice is perfect for this song, but I'm not sure I could take it in long doses.

Although, my iTunes playlist suggests otherwise. Such a great hook.