Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almost to a Break

Been a busy little bee this week. Neck and shoulders are killing me from sitting in front of the computer so much.

Turns out my orchestration instructor has a damn good sense of humor. In response to those academic composers who feel the need to change meter (or anything else) unnecessarily: "You know what we call this? A.B.S. Academic Bullshit. I mean, what is that?"

Still on the fence about continuing, but leaning toward at least finishing the program. It'd be a shame to quit now. i'll have wasted a year.

Back to my pain and suffering. On tap tonight: Yoga and loooooonnnng bubble bath with a good book.

Tomorrow: paying for new hearing aids, after which I really, really must find a job. Or win the lottery.


fairyhedgehog said...

Sorry to hear about the stiff neck and shoulders. I hope the yoga and bubble bath help.

Hearing aids are so expensive, aren't they? What ones are you getting; are they better than the old ones?

Bevie said...

"Still on the fence about continuing"

Don't quit your dream until they make you. It's hard to go back. (And if it's your dream, you are going to want to.)

I'm with Fairy. Hope the yoga and bubble bath help. (Wish I could take one. Don't have a tub big enough for me. [sigh)

freddie said...

Fairy! I'm getting Starkey BTE. Not looking forward to them, but I guess they're necessary.

I don't know yet whether they're better. I hope so. The old ones are going kaput.

freddie said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Bev. I'm just trying to keep my chin up.

Tonight I shall rest. Tomorrow I'm sure I'll feel better after some water, a bath, a book, and a good night's sleep.

Robin S. said...

Oh, please don't give up! This is one helluva degree to have - but getting half of one won't matter a bean in getting you ahead - even if you don't use this degree n the exact way you orgininally intended - it's still a big, big deal!

fairyhedgehog said...

Mine (I only have one) is a behind the ear. It cuts out background noise and is excellent in every way - except that I can't alter the volume level at all myself. It's supposed to be so high tec it works it all out but it doesn't quite manage it.

It wasn't one of the dearer ones - although they're all pretty dear, considering how cheap electronics are these days.

Whirlochre said...

Now you're so far in, you'd be wiser to stick at it.

As for bubble bath, I've only just figured that one out. You're not supposed to drink the stuff. Riiiiight.

Chris Eldin said...

Ditto Robin! I don't visit over here often, but I'm always an advocate for women finishing their degrees. And for you, this sounds like a dream...treat yourself to something to relax your spirit, but keep going!! These things are not meant to be easy, which is why it's something quite nice when you finish.