Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ever since joining Twitter, I'm having trouble writing posts more than 140 characters long. Hmm.


fairyhedgehog said...

I don't use Twitter so that's why my comments can be as long as I want them to and I never run out of charcters. So, how's your day been, freddie? Do anything nice, or are you still up to your ears in it?

Sarah Laurenson said...


That's too funny. Will you be writing only flash ficiton from now on?

Whirlochre said...

Ever since I didn't join Twitter, I still have no friends and can't bring myself to write in anything other than long ponderous sentences, no matter how hard I try.

freddie said...

FHH: Still up to my ears in it, but at least I've had a couple of days to work and not go anywhere. : )

Sarah - I hope not!! I'm praying this is only a small block.

Whirl - I feel for you. But you have plenty of friends, my friend. Plenty!

Robin S. said...

I'm not planning on joining Twitter, at least for a while. Easy to go under the spell of the idea and stay there...uh...like the short posts thang, ya know???

Apparently I'm lame, as I only blog. I don't have a Facebook thing and I don't twitter (at least not on Twitter, I don't.)

I guess I worry if I extend this stuff out, it's all I'll do, and I'll be turn in to one of the pod people, in a weird way, most likely because my brain can only handle so much in one day - AND because I really like blogging, so that's my relaxation time. Does that make sense?

freddie said...

Sure it does, Robin. But the Kool-Aid's yummy. ; )