Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Little Somethin' Somethin'

I can't post the video to my final project, as Columbia owns the video rights, but I'm posting the music from my Logic Pro file (so it's electronic, not live). As soon as I edit a complete video and get it posted to YouTube, I'll provide a link here. For now, though . . .

The music may not make much "sense" without the dialogue—meaning, it doesn't follow the forms you might be used to hearing in classical music. I also re-did the file so that you don't have to wait 35 seconds for the music to start.

Why yes, I've been screwing around all morning online. Why do you ask?


fairyhedgehog said...

Wow! I really enjoyed listening to that. It felt like the music was taking me on a journey.

Thanks for putting it up, freddie.

Robin S. said...

This is gorgeous - melancholy, worrisome, evocative.

Thanks so much for letting us listen!

Evil Editor said...

Youtube Shmootube. This deserves to be the background of an Evil Editor Film.

freddie said...

O. M. G.

Did EE just really stop by?

You can use it if you want. !!!!

Thanks for the compliments, FHH and Robin! Glad you liked it!

Stuart Neville said...

Humph. I liked this a lot, so I clicked on the tag hoping to find more - AND THERE WAS NONE! What a tease!

Seriously, though, good stuff. I wish you luck with your career. I know it's a tough business, but if you've got the talent and the will, then nothing can stop you.

freddie said...

There's more to come, Stuart. I only got access to equipment with school last semester. I'm working feverishly to add to it. I'll keep you posted!!