Monday, July 28, 2008


Okay, so all I've been able to think about this week is El Sistema. I was so moved by the program mentioned in my previous post it's all I've talked and thought about for a week.

I've contacted some people who have started programs in New York City and Birmingham, AL, which are based on the one in Venezuela. If there are budding efforts here in Chicago, I will offer to help in whatever capacity I can. If not . . . well, I suppose we could try starting something from scratch. And by "we," I mean me.

The woman I contacted in Birmingham donated her life savings to start her program. So they had more than 30K to start. I have nothing, financially speaking. But I do have contacts. Hopefully I'll have more once school starts.

I don't know how I intend to start a program based on El Sistema while I'm in graduate school. Not to mention, I have to move to L.A. for three months to complete my degree in 2010. Probably I will stay in L.A., as that is where the work will be in my field, mostly. I'm sort of hoping there are budding efforts already underway where I can simply donate my time. The thought of being in school, teaching to make ends meet, trying to compose for film, practicing, and starting an El Sistema program on top of all that makes me a little nauseous. It will be a lot more time-consuming if there's nothing underway already. Well, we shall see, I suppose.

Okay, yes, this is turning into Freddie's music blog. Sorry - probably some of you have lost interest. Ah well. I've not given up on writing completely. But the music thing is sort of taking off, in its own way.


Kiersten said...

lol, love the tags for this post...

I try seriously hard not to fantasize about James McAvoy.

James McAvoy.

James...wait, where was I? Ummm...oh yeah. Hey, we like you, not just your writing ; ) I'm happy you've got something you can be so passionate about!

freddie said...

Yes, James McAvoy is definitely a cutie. Beautiful eyes. And he's a skilled actor, no doubt.

Yeah, this whole El Sistema thing kind of took me by surprise. Hopefully some good stuff will come out of it.

Robin S. said...

Hi freddie- go school, go!

freddie said...

Hi Robin! What a nice surprise! Yes, getting anxious for school to start.

Robin S. said...

I think it's cool that you're into and so good with music.

(By the way, Joni Mitchell's voice singing Woodstock is in my head right now - have my 'earplugs' going on right now, as the TV is blaring, and I hate watching it unless there's something I actually wanna see.

Will there be a way we can listen to pieces you compose for school sometimes?

freddie said...

Yes! I'm planning to get some samples together for a myspace page and most likely I'll throw those samples up here on a podcast or something. Also need to get a website together.

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tiger said...
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