Sunday, July 6, 2008

Book List for Writers

A while ago I came across a reading list for fantasy writers on John Crowley's blog. I've since read a few of these books: Mad Travelers, The Song Lines, and The Serpent and the Rainbow. I've started 1491 and The Night Battles, but my roommate's cat peed on TNB, so I am waiting a while to pick that one up again. At some point it will not smell, and I can just pretend I spilled tea all over it or something. I don't really want to have to order another copy of it if I don't have to, but I may anyway. His target being the bathroom rug, he only caught the corner of it. Sigh. I've gotten much better about picking up my things after a bath, I can tell you that. Now I rest the rug on the edge of the tub. I still have yet to train my roommate (hereafter referred to as "D") to leave the lid (not just the seat) of his toilet down, as his cat likes to drink the toilet water—something that drives D crazy.

1491 was a little too dense for my overtaxed brain while I was reading it, so I will read it again. Hopefully I'll be able to absorb more from it, as it is an engaging and well-written book. I'm looking forward to ordering more of these books from the list once school starts. (It seems whenever I have money, I have no time to enjoy it, but whenever I have time, I never have money to spend on leisurely pursuits. Sigh.)

Just finished The Road last night. It's still with me.

My newest read is The Art of War. I've always been a terrible strategist as far as life is concerned, and I think it might get me thinking outside my "take things as they come" box. I'd like to temper my decisions with a little more intelligence and foresight. Of course, there's always the "take things as they come" element, because there's always stuff you can't control. Yet I figure it can't be the worst book I ever read if I want to learn to strategize. I'm such a terrible strategist it's amazing that I win at poker as much as I do.

In other news, my little teaching studio is growing. 


fairyhedgehog said...

Oh dear, cats. I'm not sure I'd fancy reading something that a cat had peed on, even if it didn't smell. I would still know.

My son once wasn't able to give in his homework as the cat had thrown up on it. Now doesn't that sound like a feeble excuse? Unfortunately it happened to be true.

I'm more of a sci fi than a fantasy reader but are there any of those books that you'd particularly recommend?

Robin S. said...

Great new about your teaching studio!

And school starts in December, isn't that right?

Sounds like your non-planning planning is coming along just fine.

freddie said...

Yep, FHH, that's why I may just get another copy. It's kind of expensive, though (for me).

Post to come on books I'd recommend from the list.

Thanks, Robin! School starts in September, actually. Just a couple of months.

How are things going with you? How's the novel coming?