Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Electric Church - Jeff Somers

In Somer's novel, The Electric Church, the world is a bad, bad place. Avery Cates is a Gunner—a professional hit man. He lives in a future world, one has been unified into one government—a government that apparently leaves no rights to its citizens. In fact, most of the world lives in gut-wrenching poverty while the richest few buy their way into jobs and healthcare.

Kind of like it is now.

He's killed 26 people, and is desperately, while not very successfully, trying to escape the attention of both the SSF (the cops) and the Monks, who head The Electric Church. The Church is full of Monks, cyborgs who have human brains and electric everything else. The Monks have the fastest-growing religion in the world, due to their extremely aggressive recruitment methods—methods that make one long for those innocuous Jehovah's Witnesses roaming your neighborhood on Sunday mornings.

He winds up mixed up with both the SSF and the Monks and puts together a team to help him beat both the cops and the Monks, all against impossible numbers and impossible odds.

I looked forward to reading The Electric Church for months. It starts off very strong, but eventually Somers gives way to hyperbole and repetition.

Two and a half shots.

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