Sunday, February 27, 2011

105 Degrees

105-degree yoga. Ow.

I started classes at Bikram Yoga Chicago. It's one of those classes where you practice yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees. I was a bit scared at first (suppose I lose my balance and knock someone else over?), but so far it's been great fun, if hard work.

Completed my first week. Didn't want to say much about it until I'd completed a few sessions. I got four sessions in this week, and next week the goal is to get in five. While I can't say that I'm noticing a difference in my waistline yet, I can say I've made tiny increments of progress in my practice. I'm a little stronger. But the heat seems to have had affected my concentration. It's all over the place now when I'm outside of class. I suspect this will change as I keep practicing.

Taking a class, while more expensive, is a lot more fun than practicing on my own. Making a financial commitment has turned out to be the key to my actually getting off my ass and doing it. I've had to accept I just don't have the discipline to work out on my own at home. I wish I could be one of those people with that internal discipline that keeps them doing the same healthy thing, day in and day out, like some automaton, but I'm not. I'm capricious and, to put it nicely, too much of a free spirit. But this isn't about making some sweeping change in my life or even "getting out there" (although so far that's been a nice byproduct). I'm just tired of being chubby. And really, I want to avoid the health problems my mom has had, which includes three open-heart surgeries and two strokes.

The downside is traveling in wet clothes that slowly freeze as you're waiting for the bus. The upside is that hot shower you get when you get home. (The studio has showers, but so many people take the classes, it's tough to get in any more than a quick rinse, and anyway . . . I'm a bit shy about taking my clothes off in front of other people right now.) I really need to purchase better clothes in which to practice yoga. A loose t-shirt and loose yoga pants just don't cut it for some of the poses (I'm still too chubby for some of the poses, actually).

Also (and this shouldn't come as a surprise), the little wink I got from one of the cutie instructors after class has been a tiny little inspiration in keeping me going. : )


Old Kitty said...

I love your incentive to keep at this hot yoga class!! And I'm referring to the cutie with the wink btw!! LOL! Take care

stacy said...

Whatever keeps a person going, I always say. : )

fairyhedgehog said...

That's far too hot! Is that deliberate or has the air conditioning failed?

Oh, and the wink is a great incentive!

stacy said...

Yep, Fairy, it's deliberate. And it's not as bad as it sounds; you just have to make sure you drink a lot of water. (I'm drinking a lot more water now than I used to.) With the Chicago winter, I actually look forward to getting into that room!

I think the heat is to help you stretch your muscles a bit more, and to prevent soreness. (That's mostly what it's done for me so far.) And frankly, the sweating has been great for my skin, for some reason.

Whirlochre said...

As long as the heat source isn't some hardcore instructor with a flamethrower, you should be OK.

fairyhedgehog said...

It makes sense about the heat helping to stretch your muscles and I love heat and saunas. I think I'd find it a bit of a strain to do yoga in that temperature though.

But it would be nice to get out of the cold!

stacy said...

That's been known to happen, Whirl.

It is nice to get out of the cold, Fairy. Mostly my feet hurt by the end of the class, but it's a little less every time I do it.

lupie said...

Hehehe, we are not surprised the cutie winked at you!!! :)

Love, Lucky & Co.

stacy said...

lupie, : )