Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The River of Life

I don't even know why I bother posting about new projects, etc. Everything gets washed away in the river of Life. I think I've proven I have the attention span of a moth with a severe case of ADHD.

New job, new home (back in Chicago). The apartment is lovely and HUGE. Big kitchen. Job is going well, I'm doing a couple of embarrassingly low-paying side jobs (for experience and samples), but life is good. Bombed on NaNoWriMo. Just don't think this was my month to write a novel. Oh well. Better luck next year, right?


fairyhedgehog said...

New job, new home, and jobs on the side? It really doesn't sound like a good month for writing 50k words as well.

I'm glad the job is going well. That's much more important.

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww Stacy!!!! You're a nano winner no matter what!! Yes you are!!! Over 8000 words in a month is more than most write in a decade!!! So yay for you!!!!
:-) You're a writer and that's all that matters!

Good luck with your new job(s), home and new huge apartment!! That's just lovely!!!!

Take care

stacy said...

Thanks, Fairy! Yes, I too think the job is more important. At least the main one.

Now on to trying to get something worth contributing to Phoenix's EXTINCT project.

How did Nano go for you?

fairyhedgehog said...

Now the EXTINCT project is something I'm going to have to pass on!

I kept just ahead on wordcount throughout Nano but it was closer run than any year except the one where I bailed out at 24k. Still, I did it!

Now I have to cope with Christmas being only three weeks away! I wish Nano was in October.

stacy said...

Thanks, Kitty!

stacy said...

Congratulations, Fairy! Yes, I too am panicking a little about Christmas being so close. I can remember the days when three weeks seemed like an eternity!