Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unintended Hiatus

I've taken an unintended hiatus. School is almost over; I just have a couple of papers and a small project to re-do. Almost there.

Looking forward to the break, when I will write a piece for a competition, read, drink a lot of tea, and relax. And work a bit. I've learned a lot this semester—not just about music, but about my current limitations and what I can handle. Next semester I want to be able to solely focus on school without all the distractions of trying to survive. So I absolutely must work out the details of my financial aid. It's coming, but over break I've really gotta get a move on. My health kind of suffered this semester. I managed to keep from getting really sick, but just. More salad, more water, more exercise (up from none).

How are things going with you all?