Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anyone into Photography?

So I have this idea for a "coffee table" book (which I put in quotation marks because I'm not sure if that's exactly what I mean, but something like it).

Who's into photography? I don't have a camera, but with all the jobs (that hopefully won't fall through), I should have some money to purchase one soon. Anyone know of a good, professional-quality camera that's light and easy for a beginner to operate? Winter will be on us soon, and I want to start snapping pics when that hits. Thanks!


Robin S. said...

Sorry- I don't know anything about this. My daughter bought a camera last year- cobbled together Christmas money from her two sets of parents, two grandparents, and an aunt and uncle plus put some of her own in to buy a hoo-ha one, but that was all right, because she uses it in her art, and ot help her get into college.

But for starting out, I really don't know. Sorry!

stacy said...

But maybe she would? : )

writtenwyrdd said...

Strictly an amateur here, but I am definitely into photography. I just bought a 10megapixel slr camera used for $300. You can get a 10 megapixel instamatic style camera at WalMart for $199. With that and microsoft picture editor you can do an awful lot. I know, as that's what I do. But I also have a digital tablet and the 'light' versions of photoshop and paint for use with that, which allows me a lot of free rein with pictures.

I'd check out camera comparison sites on teh net and see about or ebay listings for used, or buy a cheaper instamatic style camera. Lenses and such can be quite expensive for an SLR, but so long as you have a macro/zoom lens on your camera and you can digitally crop, you can do an awful lot with very little. (Hence the high megapixel recommendation, as the cropped shot will still be a good photo when enlarged.)

stacy said...

Thanks, Written! I've done a little homework, but much of what I need to learn is technical. I might be able to get an instamatic to start with the proposal, but I think I may upgrade later to a Nikon D60 or something. We'll see! I'm going to start looking at used ones first.