Saturday, August 29, 2009


So tomorrow is moving day. I'm not guaranteed a truck, despite a reservation, so I'm going over early tomorrow morning to see if I can score one. Hah. We shall see, no?

D's roommate fell through. Turned out she was a bit psycho, but he has some leads on new places and a roommate he likes. He's also considering buying, something I think, given his steady job and income, he could easily do, especially if he takes in a roommate. That way he's a landlord, too, and not stuck in the rental trap. But we'll see. He's been "thinking" about buying a place, but that's as far as he's gotten with this. I really think, given the market right now, he could find a place he loves and can afford. Chicago is still expensive, but I think it's better than it was a few years ago during the Bubble Boom.

As for me, school starts in a week and a half. I've been trying to get one of my pieces into Logic Pro to enter a composition competition, but the fee is $21, and even if I finish it, it's not likely I'll finish the score in time. I also don't have the $21 fee. (It's common for composition societies and so forth to charge a fee for competitions.)

A part of me feels not ready to move, like I haven't planned everything enough. I still have a few things to pack, and I never went through my financial records and organized those. Hopefully I'll get enough gumption to do that, and not shove that box to a shady corner of my closet and let it collect dust.

The cats know something is up. Orson slept with me, as usual, and Gatsby has been following me around as well as sitting in empty boxes, as if he wants to go with me. I don't think he does; I think he just likes the boxes.

I submitted a few songs to a music library. Music libraries work similar to photo libraries. Some are royalty-free, while others offer royalties as part of their package. (I submitted to one that has royalties as part of its package.) I'm hoping my tracks for libraries will create an additional income stream in the future. We shall see.

Man, so much of my life is in a "we shall see" status at the moment.

As for writing, I have one flash fiction story out. I'm trying to come up with more stories, but to be honest, writing has kind of fallen off my radar lately. As much as I enjoy writing, I'm not sure I'm a writer. I guess I am in some ways, as I feel the urge to tell a story once in a while. Right now all my creative energy is going toward composing and playing. I have two shows going on at the moment, which will soon be on top of school and a possible part-time job (another "we shall see.")


fairyhedgehog said...

I hope you manage to get your truck and the move goes well.

I don't think I'm a writer either. My next bit of writing will probably be for Nanowrimo. Still, it makes more room for everyone who is writing seriously!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Writing sometimes takes a back seat to life. It happens. And you are being very creative with your composing. So, for now, you're writing music.

I'm sure things will work out for D and maybe this is the push he needs to buy something. I've never regretted buying my house even though people told me it was a stupid time to buy (right after 9/11).

Robin S. said...

I think right now you're a composer and a mover and that's a good thing. Then, later on, after you've gotten a beach head in the composing world, you can be a writer, right? But right now, you're being creative through your music.

The royalty music library thing is a good idea. My daughter's ex-boyfriend's older brother lives in London and makes a damn good living doing the library thing, professionally.

stacy said...

I think you are a writer, Fairy. You may not be a "professional," but you're every bit as much of a writer as Stephen King or Neil Gaiman or . . . hell, Shakespeare. You wouldn't do as much writing as you do if you weren't.

Maybe writing IS taking a back seat, Sarah. I hope that's the case. I hate that feeling of wondering, "Is this all I have in me???"

I hope things do work out for D, and he's finagling the way only D can. I spoke to him this afternoon and he sounded warm and quite optimistic, which is refreshing. I saw the cats yesterday, and they didn't seem to miss me quite as much as I thought they would (although it's only been two days . . . but then, they used to sleep with me!). I think I miss them more than they miss me. They're cats. They have the attention span of . . . cats.

Robin, I would LOVE to know how your daughter's ex's brother broke in to the music library thing. Perhaps I should make a trip to London with the sole purpose of tracking him down and making him tell me. LOL.

Kidding. Sorta.

fairyhedgehog said...

If you've got a flash fiction piece out then you're further ahead than I am!

蔡依林Jolin said...
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tiger said...
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