Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh Yeah . . . 20 inches, baby

Hah. You probably thought that was going to lead to some porn thing. Bow chicka bow bounw.

I took the plunge and bought equipment for home use, so I'm hoping that the extra time I'll now be able to put in will help me out in lab class, which is by far the hardest class I have. (Lab is the class in which we learn the software composers in the film industry use. I am NOT mechanically inclined, I'm finding.)

But I'm excited about the computer, actually, as it is a brand, spanking-new iMac that came with a free printer that (so far) actually works. 20-inch, crystal-clear display. Runs beautifully. I'm waiting on the audio interface and the MIDI controller (the keyboard, for all you non-geeks) to arrive. Next semester I'll probably pick up the mixing monitors (speakers) and a new set of headphones.

What does all of this mean? This means, instead of walking six blocks to the station and waiting on a dark, wind-swept platform for the train every day of the week this winter, then walking another three blocks when I exit the train (also every day of the week this winter), only to sit in a rather cold studio at night when I'm already tired from a full day, I'll be able to stay at home and work in my slippers during the day, sipping me tea from me very spill-safe, lidded mug. Ahoy.

I can't find my MS Word disc that I had to load MS Word 2004, though. I've become quite certain this apartment hides things when I need them, only to toss them back out from the Portal of Beyond when I don't need them anymore.

Time to go finish up my term paper rough draft on my trusty 12-inch G3 (iBook).


Kiersten said...

My apartment does the same thing! It's a conspiracy.

Or maybe the apartment is just bitter that I don't scrub its floors more often.

Anyway--how fun! I'm glad you have fun new tech toys that will make your life easier ; )

fairyhedgehog said...

That sounds wonderful! You'll have more time to blog now.

Robin S. said...

This sounds safer, warmer and better!

I freaking can't wait until your first movie music comes out. I'm telling everybody I know.

freddie said...

Thanks, Kiersten and FHH!

You know, I hadn't thought of the "safer" angle, Robin. It really is, come to think of it.

writtenwyrdd said...

Clutter is like a selective quicksand that eats what you want and spews tripping hazards in the dark. Or maybe that's my cat...

cool news about the iMac. Had a roommate in the 90s who made indie films and she swore by Mac software and systems. It can only have gotten better since then.